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Adding back foods after EEN, how to know if you need to go back to EEN

So I have completed 6 weeks on EEN, and thank God it actually worked for me! I tried to do the LOFFLEX diet but got symptoms back within a few days, so I went back onto EEN for a couple days and started the elimination diet where you add one food back at a time. I was doing OK but then tried some red meat which has given me some lower left quadrant pain and more frequency. So how do I know if I need to go back on EEN, or if I can just resume back with the safe foods supplementing with EEN? Also, if I do have to go back on EEN, do I just do it until I have no symptoms and then try again?

This process has been more complicated than I anticipated. It will be totally worth it if it works, but I have waves of doubt at times since I have Crohn's colitis. I really hope I can have it work for me, and I am still on Imuran, so I'm not getting off my meds. Can anyone share their experiences?
I just have a quick minute. Here is my experience: http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=31028

However, I didn't have any way to monitor inflammation levels throughout the process. Some people on the forum are monitored with the fecal calprotectin stool test. You may wish to check out the parent's forum for more info as well. And my little penguin just posted some info from some recent studies. Good luck!
Hi Happy,

Thanks for the link. I've actually looked through your thread several times, and I guess I wasn't sure how you decided whether or not you would go back to EEN for a few days or just back to your safe foods. I know you mentioned that as you progressed that you never had to go back to EEN, just your safe foods, but I guess I wasn't sure how you made that call. Maybe I missed it. I know you said you relapsed on LOFFLEX in the beginning and did another couple weeks on EEN. Sorry if I'm missing it.

I give you props since you did this by yourself. I'm also kind of doing this on my own. My GI knows I'm doing it, but he doesn't really know anything about the treatment, and so I'm not sure what to do when I run into issues. I appreciate your help!
Sorry I am pressed for time again. The book that I mention at the beginning of my thread is very helpful in guiding one through the process of returning to eat. I think the severity of the symptoms and whether you improve quickly ( a day or two) after eating a food that you react to is what guided me. In the beginning I think that I just went right back to the EEN for two to four days and then resumed eating very slowly with the safe foods again. Later on as my reactions were less frequent and less severe I didn't need the EEN anymore. I will try to write more later.
Thanks, Happy. I actually do have the John Hunter book, and although it speaks about going back onto EEN if you have a reaction, it wasn't that specific about how to know how long you need to be on it. I'm not sure now if the issues I'm dealing with are structural or just from adding foods back in. I made an appointment with my GI for next week, and I guess I'll go from there.