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Adding mtx to the mix?

My sons GI is talking about adding mtx to his remicade. Can you tell me your experience with this drug? Shot v pill, does it work to get to remission? Side effects?

My son will be 14 soon, diagnosed over a year ago and still experiences symptoms on and off. No vertical growth for years and about 10 lbs weight gain since last year.

Deciding on mtx, tube feedings or something else like a diff biologic...
I think it is routine to use mtx pills when on remicade, something? to do with your body producing antibodies to fight the remicade. Your GI should have told you/son this information, like mine had done when he was contemplating putting me on remicade.
I have been on mtx injection once a week, for about a year now, seems to be working for me.
I've been on mtx since November 5th...switching briefly from injection to oral but back to injection. It didn't bring remission so I just began Humira yesterday along with continuing the weekly MTX. Mtx injection for me has been easier as I had no nausea.. Oral gave me nausea and gut pains. The combination of the mtx with a biologic is just as was said above, it prevents antibodies developing against the biologic.
As far as how one feels with the weekly MTX, it's purely individual. For me, I feel drowsy. I recommend taking it before bed. The next day I have a hangover/flu feeling. Body aches, extremely fatigued, headachy, etc. Lots of water helps. Tylenol or pain meds. I had my injection last night and my Humira loading dose and found today I felt like trash...the Humira had made me nauseated. All in all it passes though. With mtx, the hangover/flu feeling passes in approx 36-48hrs.

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Ds takes Mtx with humira but similar premise
He does oral tablets. Far less nausea and no flu like symptoms if he takes folate ( easier to
Absorb version of folic acid ) 1 mg 2x day.
4 years ago he was on Mtx injection alone and was very sick with flu like symptoms 2-3 days a week while on 1 mg of folic acid.
Most Ibd kids I know use low dose oral Mtx with remicade .