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Adenomatous polyp


I had a colonoscopy on Friday and I was told I possibly have an adenomatous polyp - so a biopsy has been taken. I subsequently read a little about this - but would be interested to hear if anyone has had experience /removal of these. I am 53 so different types of polyps are not unexpected, therefore I take the pragmatic approach.

Many thanks
I had an adenomatous polyp removed about 8 years ago, at age 35. They are considered precancerous and therefore you will probably need to be screened regularly for these more often that someone who has never had a polyp. I did not have a return of the polyp in the same location and never needed further treatment for that polyp.

There was a second polyp found on the day that my colon was removed, in a different location. No testing was done on that one though.
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