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Adhesions and 'Intercede Web' product?

Hi, I don't see a thread for adhesions so posting here.

I had the site of a previous surgery attach to my duodenum, which needed repair and I got an ileostomy out of the deal.

I met a woman who said for her surgery they used a product called an 'Intercede Web' to avoid adhesions. It's a fabric or something they wrap around the area to protect it.

I did a search and found the product, however it doesn't list intestinal surgery in its list of treatments.

Anyone know if this can also be used by us guys? I really don't want any more adhesions, they suck.
Interceed is used a lot in gynecologic surgeries for adhesion prevention. It didn't help me with any of my other abdominal surgeries.

Seprafilm can be used in small bowel adhesion prevention. My surgeon used Seprafilm in my last surgery, but I don't know how effective it was just yet.
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