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Adhesions help!!

After about 10 admissions this year my GI thinks it's not crohns causing problems it's adhesions.
Is there anything I can do to help myself?he said the risk of surgery is causing more adhesions.
Any info would be appreciated


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Adhesions are awful. It can lead to a viscous cycle. No fiber, low residue diet can help Heep things moving. Is a double balloon endoscopy a possibility?
Hi Andy. Its really hard to think of things you can do yourself as once the dead tissue is there, its not going away by itself. Like DJW, I can recommend the low fibre thing, especially if obstructions are an issue. This is a management option, it won't fix it. Options can also vary depending on whether the problem is within the bowel lumen, in the abdomen or both.

What I would say re surgery is that generally speaking laparotomies cause more adhesions than laparoscopic. Obviously with laparoscopic they still occur and there is a lot of individual variation anyway. But the open incision can lead to a greater inflammatory response. So if for example your last op was open and laparoscopic surgery is an option for the adhesiolysis then (theorectically at least) you stand to gain more than you lose. However, there is always a risk of conversion to open surgery, particularly with adhesions as organs turn up in surprising places!

The only other thing I can think of is taking it really sensibly post op, i.e. no straining, no picking up heavy objects, mobilising but no exagerated movements etc. Not sure how much difference it makes but every little helps hey. But this is prevention not cure anyhow.

Personally, I am in such a rubbish place with them, that I am willing to opt for surgery. Even if I end up here again years down the line, at least I have brought me some quality of life meantime. Good luck.
I had a laparoscopic surgery for lysis of adhesions, and strictureplasty. In my case, the benefits outweighed the risk. I was in ER monthly for partial obstructions. Stress was a Major factor. Low residue diet is helpful. It has been better since the surgery, obstruction-wise. Can't emphasize enough about the stress factor, if areas are already narrow, a little inflammation can be big trouble. Good thoughts coming your way and good luck.