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Admitted and surgery moved up but finally answers to my blockages!

So I was scheduled for my fourth surgery on my rectum for debreeding and closure attempt on the 31st. I have been also experiencing frequent blockages which never showed up on imaging so Docs couldn't tell whator why this was happening. Well, long story short I got another blockage 4 days ago and a CT finally showed the cause. Turns out I have a peri-stoma hernia and am now unable to eat and drink and in constant pain. Am now admitted to the hospital and my surgery went from just a debreeding in my rectum to that plus surgery to fix the hernia. Doc says he is going to put some meshin there and fix me up. Starting PPN tonight cuz I haven't eaten for about 2 weeks because I have felt partially blocked the whole time. Have a scope tomorrow through my stoma And throat to check for Crohn's because my output tested positive for blood. Also, they are trying to find out why my bile is black. Also have lots of pain under my upper left rib cage and it hurts to take a big breathe in. CRP and other tests don't show any sign of Crohn's.
So I am very happy we are finally getting some answers. I hope this is going to fix me and I can have my life back. Please send your prayers my way. I have suffered in so much pain every day for so long and I am ready for a break. Wish me luck. Will update as I get results .
Oh my goodness!! So much going on all at once... So glad you are beginning to get some answers. Big hugs to you!! :ghug: