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Advice - Abdominal Soreness and BMs

I am on Humira (for about 2 years) and Creon (for my pancreatis) and have had a great 6 months of feeling the best I have for years. I gained weight and also was able to eat so much more than I had done for years.
About 3 weeks ago I started to get a few bad BM then I have had some soreness in my abdomen (in the bottom left), feeling like my lower intestines are inflamed or sore. Now I have constant bad DM with motions that are from liquid to just about almost solid. I have to go about 6-9 times a day. There hasnt been any blood.
My next appointment with my consultant is in November but they dont have any available until then. I have spoken to them let the Crohn's nurse know about the situation.
So I dont know what to do, I am taking Diaralite everyday to keep myself going and also have stopped eating gluten to help my stomach.
Any advice?


It definitely sounds like a flare up. November is way too long to wait as your disease can progress and symptoms will only get worse. Tell them what's going on and see if they can squeeze you in earlier due to the urgency.
Oh just had contact from my nurse. My calproten result is 515 and she is trying to book an appointment with her this week. so I guess the Humira isnt working anymore.