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Advice about Konjac (glucomanan) - ?safe to eat in Crohn's

Hi all
I'm one of the "plump" Chronies on the forum.
Currently in remission, and don't want to do anything to unsettle that!
Just wondering if anyone has any information on, or has used, assorted "slender" type weight loss foods - noodles/pasta/rice, etc, made from Konjac?
As far as I can tell, they are made from a naturally growing plant, high in fibre, and fairly inert.. (I'm talking 1/2-1 cup to add to a stir fry, etc, in place of rice, noodles, etc)
Any comments gratefully received :)


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Hi ellie. Im afraid I don't know. What about starting with a little bit and building up.

I know fiber is fine for me sometimes. To much fiber could put you in the washroom more than usual.

Are you prone to obstructions?


I have eaten them and I find them very tough to chew so I don't think they digest well. That's just my guess, I'd be cautious. I also personally think they taste awful.