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Advice for crohns of the terminal illiem 😞

Hi guys, I have crohns in my terminal illiem, since 2007. Have really bad constipation and bloating, wind, pain ect. Can anyone else tell me their symptoms of crohns in the TI? I have to have a MRI soon as I suspect a fistula within the rectum. I'm getting weeping/discharge from the anus and I thought it was just my fissure weeping but who knows! Sorry to ramble, it's quiet a lonely disease this one :( anyway I would love some feedback from fellow TI sufferes.


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What medication are you on at the moment? Is your GI keeping a good eye on you? During my flare I was getting nausea, vomiting and bloating, which some people find peppermint and ginger helpful for. I also had constipation, but one or two doctors kept saying its not a crohns symptom. If you get told the same, don't worry about it, constipation IS a crohns symptom and it can be very uncomfortable. Dont be tempted to go for strong laxatives as these can be hard on the digestive tract and cause nasty cramping, senna oil can be really good or just gentle stool softeners which make the stool easier to pass rather than forcing the intestines to constrict.

You really aren't rambling, and even if you were, you wouldn't need to apologize to us, that's what we're here for :). Whatever is troubling you, or annoying you, or even making you jump for joy, you're always welcome to share it with us, and we will do everything we can to support you.
I have a bum TI as well. My main symptom is really bad pain. I have also had a couple of bowel obstructions, infections and an abscess at the TI that required me to be in the hospital.

I hope you MRI goes OK and the doctors are taking good care of you.
Yep bad pain is also a main symptom of mine and at the moment I'm getting really bad joint pain. Hand tremors also which I think is down to the entocort tho my GI says its just my body being tired and run down. I am about to start some new trial drug that only affects one part if the immune system instead off all of it like humira? I can't take most immune suppressants like 6MP, methotrexate , Imuran, mofetil ect.. Coz I'm sensitive to them and I cope all the bad side effects :( im currently on entocort but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I'm so over it!
Also how do you know you have a bowel obstruction? I often wonder coz I get so constipated and can't go for the better part of a week:(
Also how do you know you have a bowel obstruction? I often wonder coz I get so constipated and can't go for the better part of a week:(
Well, for a full obstruction you'd know it if it happens. And I really hope it doesn't. Both times I had unbearable pain and constant throwing up till I got to the ER and they NG tubed me up.
Hi Chantelle.
I have TI inflammation most of the time and my symptoms are constant pain and the feeling of a hard lump in that area. Bloating is constant and bowel movement are painful afterwards . I get bad joint pain also and only recently ive become very nauseous but my doc thinks this is due to a recent helicobactor infection in my stomach .
Hope you get some relief soon as I know it can be very unsettleing.
I also have CD in the ti and my biggest symptoms are horrible pain, some bloating, and joint pain. I never seem to be constipated, I'm just on the toilet several times a day. I hope the new medicine they're putting you on helps you!
Thanks casey, its so nice to hear from other people with the CD and have the same symptoms, the past 2 days my joint pain has been so bad in my fingers and hands that I had to swap hands to change the time on
my microwave. I've never experienced this kind of joint pain before and I had a little cry over that incident! Why do you take for your joint pain? Does it roam? Sometimes I find that one of my thumbs hurt then my pinky on the other hand starts to ache then my knee ect, ect.

Dx 2008
Previous meds:
Iron infusions
Entocort (not working)
Fluexitine 40mg
Mercyndol for joint pain/headaches.
Since I've been on prednisone the joint pain has gone away. When I was having problems I really didn't like to take anything because it would tear my stomach up even worse then it already is. I usually stuck with Tylenol if I had to and hot baths. Mine seems to be from my knees to my toes and my elbows down to my fingers. It would be so bad that I had to walk on the balls of my feet every morning because it felt like my bones were breaking. Here lately my back has been acting up. I usually just try to stretch it out or I have my husband pop it for me. Sorry you're in so much pain!
OMG i also have Crohn's in the small intestines and have the seepage from the rectum . i thought i was alone on this issue. please do not feel like you are alone here