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Advice Needed. Does anyone inject Humira once a month for Crohns Disease?

I am thinking of cutting down to once a month from twice a month so I can move to Canada on a youth visa, where I will not have health coverage but will have enough injections to last me a year (12 injections) if I inject once a month rather than twice a month. Is this recommended or will the biologic not work?

Usually, I would never consider this, but right now my Crohns is standing between me and living and working in Toronto, Canada for 2 years (my dream for around 5 years now). I'm feeling a little defeated at the prospect that I will have to fly back home to the UK every 5/6 months to retrieve more injections.

Does anyone else only administrate once a month? And if so, do you find it effective?

Any advice is welcome.
San Diego
I think it would be risky to lower your dose below what your doctor has recommended.

Would it be possible to have a family member collect your injections for you in the UK and ship them to you in Canada?