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Advice needed - having off days after 12weeks of treatment

Hi, I’m new to this site and was diagnosed last summer with Crohns. I was started on Pentasa, which unfortunately did not keep the disease at bay and I suffered a severe flare and have been on steroids off and on since December. I have since been on Adalimumab for 12 weeks and have been off the steroids for 3weeks. I am noticing similar symptoms to my last flare over the last four days and i’m concerned I am heading into another flare, it took so long to get it under control. I wondered if anyone has experience of this treatment and whether you still experience flares? And does this mean the treatment is not working? Your advice is appreciated.
Welcome to the forum DotMatrix. It sounds like the treatment is working but the dose might need to be increased. Have you spoken to your GI about this. This is common when starting a treatment. Often adjustments need to be made and blood tests to determine your levels of the drug. My son is on Remicade and it started off well but it wasn't enough and he went into a flare. After the dose was increased, it made all the difference.
Thank you for the advice. It’s good to know it may just be that I need a change in dosage. I am waiting for a call IBD nurse, so hopefully they can recommend best way forward.