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Advice needed please...

Hi, I'm new to this forum, thanks for having me.
I seem to be having a bit of a dilemma. I've had stomach problems for years, always put down to IBS. Finally a doctor asked me for a stool sample.
Sample showed Calprotectin level high. Referred to Consultant who advised Colonoscopy. I've had bowel study MRI plus CT Scan both clear. So I took Moviprep as instructed...and it didn't do anything apart from give me a stomach ache for days. Consultant advised try again, which I did, again it didn't work.
So in January I asked if I could do another sample see if still inflammation. Phoned my GP and sample normal, no further action required.
Last Friday I received a letter from the Consultant stating Calprotectin still high at 356 and I still needed a Colonoscopy!! Hes advised Kleenprep this time but I'm doubtful it will work.
I really don't want to go through this again....can anyone advise me if Calprotectin level of 356 is high? Is it a absolutely necessary I have a Colonoscopy?
Thanks appreciated.
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A calprotectin of 356 is definitely elevated, suggesting that some inflammation is present in your gut. No one likes the bowel prep part of the a colonoscopy. but unfortunately it's really necessary for the doc to get a good look and hence a good understanding of what is going on in your gut.
Thanks for your reply. It's the fact the bowel prep hasn't worked twice that's freaking me out. My stomach is sensitive enough without drinking 2 litres of fluid that do nothing but give me stomach ache for days. I guess I'll have to try Kleenprep and hope for the best.....
I've had problems in the past with prep not working, I find that if I fast or go onto my liquid diet a few days before the prep is much more effective. Had a colonoscopy last week & because I rested my bowel for several days prior I didn't even need to finish the prep before I was clear. Its no fun either way, just find what works best for you. I also take a nausea pill (Zofran) to manage nausea before I start drinking prep.