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Advice needed


I am hoping to get a bit of advice regarding an ongoing problem I’ve been having. In feb this year I had a bad case of sickness and Diarrhea which lasted 4-5 days, and went away. Then since May I have vomited every single day since, sometimes just 3-4 times. The most times being 18 in one day. I have had lots of GP appointments, an ultrasound and endoscopy but nothing has yet to be diagnosed. I have my first appointment with a gastro specialist on Thursday. Other symptoms I’m getting are feeling very full, bloated and uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen.

Lady Organic

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HI and welcome. IM sorry about what you are going through. What were the thoughts of the drs you met considering clean imaging and tests?

Any mentionned possible dyspepsia? This is a very common condition of GI upper track, just like irritable bowel syndrome is for lower GI track:
San Diego
I would be unhappy too if no biopsies were taken. Biopsies are routine during colonoscopies even when everything looks pretty normal. because then the pathologist can conform that thing are in indeed normal.
Yeah that’s what I thought. Had a feeling it could be some kind of food allergy but I’ve just eating some vegetable soup and been bad from that (vomit 3 times) so no idea now just hoping it gets diagnosed soon whatever it is.