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Advice needed!

advice needed!


i have a few questions that i hope someone will be able to help me with. i had a blood test at the start of the week and i got the results today that my crp is down and has been the last few times. soo tonight i have had D, this is the first time in months iv had it. (since i started the humira and prednisone) so the question i would like to know is.....

even when your inflammatory markers are down do you still have D ? or is it possible that they can go up in a matter of days. do you only have D when your crp is up?

if anyone could share there thoughts!!
thanks! bindi
Hi Bindi,

Im not really 100% sure as I too have only been diagnosed for 6 months now but my crp levels are always low no matter how badly I am flaring. I can be having the worse D and vomiting etc and still my levels stay low. Which makes it extremely hard for my GI to determine if Im having a flare or not! I can't see why your markers couldn't just change all of the sudden I know when I had a bad reaction to Imuran I had only got tested a week or two before and my results were good then my crp level shot thru the roof, then tested a few days after coming of imuran and all good again.

So was it just tonight, maybe you have a bug cause I know there is a fair bit going around up here at the moment. It is so hard to determine when things are crohns related and when its just general health issues.. I know everytime I get slight sick whether it be D's, vomiting or just lose of appetite I freak out thinking here we go again.... I would see how you go for the next 24 hours before stressing out too much and calling your GI. But if it doesn't get better in the next day or two maybe think about seeing or calling your GI just to get a check up as the Humira might not be holding anymore and you would want to get onto it quickly so you don't have a massive flare.

Good luck hun hope you sort it out and Im glad to see so far the Humira has been working for you. By the way are you still on Pred??

Wish me luck too I might get blown away this weekend by the cyclone!! He..he.. :)
Yes you can still hav D with low crp
my crp was down due to the pred and a dose of hydrocortisone
these drugs can be a masking agent for the crp
yea it was just last night, and i had felt abit funny during the day and night before. iv been thinking as well, iv been on antibiotics for about a month now and i had 3 sandcrabs for lunch the day before.. maybe that had something to do with it..

tan, im on 5mg on prednisone. the GI said to taper of from 30mg which would have made me stop a few weeks ago. but my vascular and immunologists have said to stay on the 5mg untill i see them again in a few weeks. i know about freaking out not know whether its CD or a bug.. i work in a hospital as well which makes it hard for me.