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Advice on starting a new job and needing time off for doctor visits

I was hoping someone has been through a similar process. I have the opportunity to possible get a new job in Sillicon Valley (currently I live in NYC) My amazing gastro doctor is here. He even sees patients after 5 pm which works great with my schedule as its tough to get time off from work. I am currently on Humira and I know the process of getting it approved with new insurance is a big hassle.

My concern with not only moving across country is having to start over with my doctors. I suffer from anxiety as well so trying to find a new gastro in a city I am unfamiliar with and will need to ask for time off from work when I am just starting has me worried.

I did a quick google search and Stanford seems like it has a reputable GI facility but none of the doctors work past 4 pm based on their online scheduling. How would you handle asking for time off from work as soon as you start? Should I mention my illness to HR? I haven't been offered anything yet but am a top candidate. I don't want to come across as not being flexible but my health is also a priority and will need to be taken care of. I will have enough Humira for about two months but after that will need a refill. The process for getting it approved can also take up to two months so cannot wait on not seeing a doctor. I am currently in remission and do not want to jeopardize my health.

Unfortunately, this may be a factor in me moving.

Looking for any advice.

Thank you

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I am a parent of a kid with crohns
I have started more than one job after his dx
He has multiple specialists so many new doc appts
Some companies have flex time
Other have long lunches.
It’s no different than any other new employee who needs to establish medical care
I also saw a regular pcp when I started
I simply said I have a doc appt
I try to make them at the end of the day so if the doc is running behind I am not taking extra time off work
Just offer to use vacation time for the appt
Some want you to just stay later other let you work through lunch
After the first year apply for Fmla so you can take off as much as needed if you flare and not have issues

Other idea would be to put in your two weeks
And take an extra week of vacation from your old place for the move (see the new Gi during your week of moving so you have a follow up 2-4 months after you start

Most bosses do not care about medical appts
They want their employees healthy
I like to think our condition must not drive our professional and personal life.
Nice to say, but not always easy...
However if you strongly want to move then move, you’ll find ways to manage it.
I’d not mention your condition to the hr now. You already proved to be a good candidate even with ibd as you made your career and successes with ibd, so no need to mention it.