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Advice on staying gluten-free?

Over the past year I have proven to myself that I feel 100% better when I adhere to a strict gluten-free diet. Trouble is, after about 6-8 weeks of doing tremendously well, I cave in and eat something bad for me. I don't know if I forget how bad it makes me feel or if I just get tired of depriving myself of something I crave, but I do it and then I feel awful and I regret it.

This last weekend my husband and I joined some friends on a four day ski weekend. With 20 people staying in a house, we alternate preparing meals for the whole group. I was able to avoid lasagna, kielbasa and pierogies and all other sorts of tempting foods. I cooked my own unexciting, gluten-free substitute for every meal. I was so proud of myself. But then on the drive home, I gave in and stopped for a great big Italian sub. I'm not sure if it was because there are limited options on the road and I was just fed up with the whole inconvenience, but I did it and I am still feeling the effects four days later. I have not had gluten since Jan 1 and i had been feeling so good. Why did I do it?
Is there anyone here who does follow a gluten-free diet that does not have this problem? How do you do it? Any tips are appreciated. Over the past year I have been esentially on again/ off again (6-8 weeks on, 1-2 weeks off). I have fallen into this pattern 4 times now. Ugh!
I hear ya! Caving in is normal and is going to happen....don't be so hard on yourself! Although your body suffers its good in the moment! This life is tough...and this website is sooo good for all us Crohnies!!! :dance:
It is hard, Cookie, especially when you're on the road. I was managing not too badly til I started a new job in August so have less time for cooking. Also there are no supermarkets on our little island so the range of GF products is minuscule.
The only tip I can give is to make the freezer your friend. Cook in bulk and freeze portions for the times you are too busy or just don't feel like cooking.
Have you looked in the 'Cooking for Crohn's section of the forum? There's some good recipes there for GF meals and treat type stuff.
I think for some people avoiding wheat can be real tough. My mom can be that way. She avoids wheat for a good while, looses weight, feels better, and then one day can't resist a piece of carrot cake! That is what happened to her today she was just telling me, had some carrot cake with her visiting friend. She plans regret it later it was mentioned.

For what ever reason that hasn't been a problem of mine, wanting to eat wheat agin. I feel much better since avoiding grains over all, and am grateful for the stomach pain relief.

Possibly a sight that will be helpful is Wheat Belly:


I've seen several people there write in having "wheat addition" or a difficult time completely giving up eating wheat products despite feeling better when avoiding the grain.


Cookie, gluten free is hard I need to try again. Are you trying to be totally gluten free or are may contain traces ok for you. If may contain trace or small amount are Ok it opens up many more food choices. I have been on the FODMAP diet (IBS diet), this is not a gluten free diet but it limits the amount of wheat, rye. I feel much better not eating wheat bread. I have IBS and daughter with Crohn's



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The key for me is having snacks that adhere to my diet available at ALL TIMES. Whether that is at home, on a road trip, or at a friends house, I must have them so that when I get that craving, there is something to satisfy me. Because if I get a craving and that good snack isn't available, then I stray. And once I stray I figure, "Eh, I strayed, might as well stray some more..." and then it get's really ugly for awhile.
Exactly David. I know I'm already going to feel bad so why not just go all out. I also try to keep lots of snacks handy and plan my meals for the whole week. It's when I didn't think far enough in advance that I find myself in trouble.
Cookie, what type of snacks would you keep on hand for gluten free? My idea of a snack is cookie, cake, muffin, brownie... notice a pattern here? lol. The words 'snack' and 'gluten-free' can't even occupy my brain at the same moment in time! I hope snacks are not carrot sticks, since I am trying to cut down on raw vegis, but I cannot imagine a limp, cold, COOKED carrot is going to replace a nice blueberry muffin and coffee!
I also keep nuts, Lara Bars, sweet potato chips and hummus, chips and salsa on hand. A new favorite is Blue Diamond almond crackers....I eat them with a sliced pear and a bit of cheese. Even my husband munches on these things and he can eat anything he wants!

Another thing you could try if you desperately want a sweet snack is Van's gluten-free waffles. Pop them in a toaster and spread with peanut butter and banana...yum. I also get gluten-free chocolate chip cookies from a local bakery and they are good too.

Like David said, it's not too bad when you plan ahead. I am okay for most of my meals and snacks, it's when I hit the road that I cave in.
I hear ya Cookie.. I went gluten free after I was diagnosed with mayyyyyybe Crohns' maybe not... the promethius says maybe, the endoscopy says maybe... but... not confirmed... but my GI wants me to stay gluten free which was easy after I was so sick and had all sorts of pain and problems... of course, last November I had a follow up colonoscopy to check my progress with remicade and I had an almost complete turnaround... THEN I started cheating... all the time... I suppose it's easier for people who get REALLY SICK when they have gluten... I try hard to stay away, but I don't watch my shampoos and makeup and stuff.

I read Elisabeth Hasselbeck's book on a G-Free diet. She gets REALLY sick on gluten... so it's probably a bit easier for her to keep away from it... like if you are allergic to something, you make sure you stay away from it... but it's not quite that bad... I get it, but I'm not sure of the solution, I would imagine that gluten once in a while isn't a killer, but I understand the frustration at trying to keep away from it completely..

I'm sure that was helpful... NOT!!!