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Advice please, not had this before?!

I'll be as brief as possible. Anybody who has seen my pill cam post knows that I've now been asked to do a retest due to the unclear images on the first. I've been asked to fast all day today (test tomorrow) and to do a full prep instead of half.

Unlike last week I threw up after the first two litres, couldn't keep it in any longer. I've just thrown up again after finishing the last 2 litres as I physically couldn't keep it all in again. This time however after throwing up some prep I brought up about half a pint of blood, bright red.

Please could anybody give me some insight as I've never had to do a full prep before and am thinking this isn't normal?!? Thank you in advance.
No crag that isn't normal. I would phone your out of hours GP service asap and see what they say. To me it sounds like way too much blood to be from a stomach ulcer which can cause vomited blood.


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I echo Starr - you should call asap - if you threw up that much in one go, there could be quite a bit more - possily you tore or popped something with your vomiting....
Thanks guys, I had a good feeling it's not normal but I'm not feeling anywhere close to my worst so didn't know how severe it is! I'm just waiting on a call back from a nurse so will keep you posted as to what they say. Thank you again and so speedy too!


I have thrown up blood from a full prep before. I was hospitalized at the time, and they didn't do anything about it...said it "was only a little blood". :( They had done an upper endoscopy that morning and had cut too deep getting the biopsies. I ended up prepping with water, and doing an enema, but the next morning the doctor decided he wasn't going to do it since I couldn't get the solution down (I know my bowels were clean, I hadn't eaten for two days, but he didn't care). I ended up insisting I leave, when they were going to have me fast another day. Very bad experience.

I would call your doctor. I'm so sorry you are going through this! That was one of the worst nights of my life. :(
Thanks again for the advice and everything. Sorry you had to go through that Allie, doesn't sound like a nice experience at all. Sorry if I caused any worry too, the nurse has just phoned back and said that if it continues to get to A&E. I thought shed say something along those lines but it's nice to get a bit of confirmation I guess!

The strange thing is I feel rather good for me, haven't eaten since yesterday which could be why?! I didn't want to go dashing off to hospital as I need to get to Kettering in the morning for my procedure and the sickness has stopped now too.

Thanks again for everything and I'll make sure I get myself down there if it continues to happen, hope you all have a good evening.


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This sounds just awful, Crag. I haven't had this experience myself so I don't have any advice, but everyone else is right - it's definitely not normal to vomit blood during prep! I'm glad you called the nurse and I hope you're able to get through the pill cam without it happening again! Hang in there, and good luck.