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hi gal and gals

havent been on here for some time, had my operation 1st feb for hemicolectomy , thinks that how you spell it was getting over this and then abcess on scar wound happened still having this packed and dressed every day, have some good days ,i dont know wot i was expecting after this op, i thought i would be over it and hopefully back to work, but for the last 6 weeks been really bad and was admitted into hospital last week sayin that my crohns had flared again , after the op wasnt on any medication, but im now on steriods and this week i go to see the specialist crohns nurse, she wants to discuss with me about goin on infliximab , have read the lieterature on this and was wondering if any of you who are on this could you please let me know how you are getting on with it, was on azathaporine but my hair was falling out with this , really dont know what to do so would appreciate some feed back.hope all is well with you all.

many thanks



Hi Sandra, sorry to hear that the crohns is already flaring after your op - same thing happened to me last year :( I have been on the infliximab previously and it did well for a fair while but I then had an allergic reaction so it was stopped. Perhaps have a nosy around the sub forum for this med especially the remi club thread as there are many here on this drug who can advise about how they are currently doing on it: http://www.crohnsforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=58.

Hope you can be feeling better soon.