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Aestethical surgery and Crohn

Hi all,

I am Mario, 29 years old from Italy. I'm writing to you cause there are no forum like this in Italy.

I've been on Humira ( 1 pen each 2 weeks) since 3 years. On december I'd like to have a surgery to remove an annoying gynecomastia.

have any of you gone through surgery unrelated to crohn's by discontinuing humira? if so, how long have you suspended and then resumed it? have you had any worsening?

thank you all



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It's not clear to me why the Humira needs to be discontinued for the sugery. Is the surgeon worried about increaed risk of post-operative infection or is it some other reason?

I am on a different biologic for my Crohn's (Stelara), and I have had non-Crohn's surgery while on the drug. I was not required to discontinue the Stelara.
It seems most of GI advice to stop biologicals 2 weeks before a surgery and 1/2 week after the surgery. The reason is to prevent infections after the surgery, as immunosoppressor it seems without stopping them you can have a large increase on the % to have an infection


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I am on Remicade, and had surgery back in April (elbow)...there was no mention of stopping anything - for any procedures, immunizations etc my GI did always advise to try to have things done at the mid-point of the infusion cycle....

I just looked at my calendar, I am on an 8 week cycle of infusions, had surgery 2 weeks before my next infusion. No issues with infections, although I did have one trying to start a couple weeks after the surgery but it was quickly taken care of with just topical antibiotic ointment.

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I think it depends on the biologic and reason for surgery
My kiddo was on humira for over 5 years
But stopped prior to surgery twice
Once for tonsils /adenoids removed
But that was 8 years ago - different guidance then
His surgery non ibd a few years ago he stopped humira but only because they were concerned he already had an infection (prior to surgery ) and waited until all cultures came back clear after surgery to restart .

infectious disease doc said at the time
If he had been on Stelara instead they wouldn’t not have even stopped that biologic

he will have his wisdom teeth removed soon
No plans to stop any meds including the two biologics he is on (one is Stelara)
All state the studies show no real risks