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Afraid to take prednisone pack

Dr had me on Pentasa for1 week and I didn't see a great improvement, but didn't feel to bad either...when I told him this he said it must not be working and wants me to take one week of prednisone pack...I don't know if I want to take the risk of the side effects...I'm feeling ok at this time and think the side effects maybe worse than my symptoms.....what to do...all this is freaking me out...I don't even know what he is treating me for. Only thing that has shown positive was the igG and it was 35. Capsule endoscopy showed nothing!

my little penguin

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Honesty one week if pred is not a lot and remember those are potential side effects
Your doc feels the benefits of the med out weigh the potential risks
Side effects of pred are more common with long term usage - think 4-6 months a few days .
Have you had a second opinion ?

Fwiw Ds has been in pred 4-6 about 3-4 times in the past five years
It is less than ideal but it was needed at the time

Good luck
Thank you...that makes me feel better about it...decided to take one more week of the Pentasa and then the prednisone....I haven't even talked with my GI Doctor, he is just "trying " to see what works! Appointment with him in 3 weeks.
One week of pentasa is really short I was on it for years it's almost universally considered useless by most people it did help me but more effective medicine may have been a lot quicker.