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After starting Humira for Crohn's, ileum pain/liquid diet/partial obstruction?

I just sent this message to my doctor, but I'm copying it here to see if anyone else has experienced this:

I was able to start Humira on Wednesday, May 10 with the help of the Humira Complete nurse. Saturday, May 13, I vomited my lunch around 5 p.m. but felt better afterward, so I suspected something I ate was bad.

Sunday, May 14, my gut was hurting a lot and I could hardly eat anything. I just had bread and butter for dinner. That evening, I felt a lot of inflammation in my ileum and it almost felt like a semi-solid mass when I pushed on it from the outside with my hand. I was up during the night with a lot of loud noise and gas and pain. I feared I might have a partial obstruction, but since I could feel and hear gas moving, I trusted it would eventually work itself out. Eventually, I got to sleep.

I was OK on Monday, May 15, until I ate food around lunchtime. I spent the bulk of the afternoon feeling a lot of pain and gas, and I eventually vomited around 7 p.m.

Tuesday, May 16, I tried to put myself on a mostly liquid diet of nutrition drinks and Ramen. That was OK, but at night I got hungry and had some snacks. Big mistake. I went to sleep, but a couple hours later was awakened by the pain and gas again. At some point during the night, I vomited.

Wednesday and Thursday, I did better at sticking to my diet of nutrition drinks and Ramen, but it's hard because I actually have somewhat of an appetite, which is an improvement from before. But now I feel like almost everything is unsafe.

Is this an effect of Humira? What should I do? My ileum still feels sore. I feel like it's partially obstructed, and I'm scared. I'm also hungry.
Anyone else have a story like this? What did you do?
Sounds like an obstruction to me. I went through all that same stuff while on a different biologic and eventually had surgery.

You may have not been on the Humira long enough for it to take effect. Once it kicks in and this problem you're having goes away, you know your obstruction is inflammatory. If it doesn't, either the drug didn't work or you have scar tissue causing your obstruction.

You are exactly where I was two years ago. I hope Humira clears it up! Eat soft stuff for a while until you know for sure!
Sounds like an obstruction. In reality it is thickening of the intestine wall due to inflammation, active Crohn's.

I've had an obstruction a few times. Both times the doc put me on an IV and nothing by mouth for 10 days. The surgeons wanted to cut, but my GI doc would have none of that.

Worked for me.

Good Luck!