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After surgery and issues update

Surgery went well but having issues. Still in the hospital having a lot of pain. They put kidney stints in during surgery and they still hurt like hell. Been taking pain meds, eating lightly but having issues keeping food down, the surgeon wont let me go home until I can keep food down.

I have been walking as much as possible but just getting out of bed is really painful. Having very little BM but urine out put is good.

Anyone know how long till I get some relief from these stints? It feels like someone is poke a knife in them constantly and not even oxy helps the pain.

I have a feeling they are going to open me back up and put in a stoma.
Hi, I didn't have stints but did have open bowel surgery before. I did not eat until several days after the surgery, was on pain meds for 6 days after and still was complaining of severe pain, had no BM for at least 7 days and barely walked - had to be wheeled in a hospital wheelchair to my parents car. When I got home however the following week I got a lot better - able to walk better, slowly started eating properly and stopped being in any kind of pain. For me it took 7-14 days. A month later I felt better than I had ever felt in my life.


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Stents should not hurt, my mom had one a couple years ago and suffered through what she thought was normal pain, but it wasn't! She found that out when she went for a follow up with her surgeon......make sure your doctor knows about it!!
I have been released. YEAH!!!! The pain I thought was from the stints was gas!! I hadn't passed gas since the surgery, they did an xray and told me. Gave me a suppository to get things moving. Which helped a ton. I am now home relaxing and walking good with little pain. Just have to watch what I eat and make sure I am having BM's. All in all they took out 1 1/2' of my small intestines.

Thanks everyone for their support.
Yay! Glad your home and feeling better. I had a lot of gas/ distension and pain after surgery. Was in there for 10days and threw up a few time. Now you are home your recovery should progress more rapidly.