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After surgery I should sleep with pads.:(

Hi everyone!
I am new here.
My name is Kristina,Im from Ukraine,but half of my life I lived in Czech Republic, In 16 I was diagnosed by UC,(Now I am 23) then
1st surgery - removed colon- stoma in 2011
2nd surgery - S Pouch- stoma in 2013
3d one - life without stoma 2014
After 3d surgery I always sleep with pads... It is so hard. Now Im engaged, my fiance knows everything about me. He says he is okay with that. But I am not. We are going to live together next month. My parents live in Czech Republic. I am alone here in the USA. I came here through Student visa, I wanted to back home, I told my fiancé come home but he is American, he has a good job, so we decided to stay here. May be anyone have some problem with sphincter after surgeries, or may be do you know any doctors who could help me with that?
Thank you so much for help!:sign0085:
God bless