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Aggravation post piccline?

I was on tpn a while back and had a piccline fore several months. Since it's healed where the piccline was though the scar tends to itch like crazy at random times. I'm not sure why this is and while this may not be serious, I've had increasing problems on the left side of my chest/shoulder since I'd gotten the line and since it has been removed. Recently I've been having more pain than usual and the itching has picked back up. Should I be concerned or is it just the unfortunate effect of getting a piccline? Does anyone here whose had one in the past know what I mean?

On another note, my doc also keeps talking about an elemental diet. What's the difference between this and tpn?


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My PICC line scars itch from time to time. Sometimes if I touch them a certain way, it feels like the line is still there. You can always bring it up to your doctor if it concerns you. As long as it isn't warm to the touch, red or pussy, it should be fine though