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Agressive Periodontitis

Today I am feeling super overwhelmed with all things medical and dental.
I had laser gum surgery in Nov and Dec and today at my check up my Periodontist said I have not healed AT ALL and he is "worried about the longevity of my teeth" and thinks I will start to lose them within a year. UHHHH! Yikes! He humbly said he thinks I need to see someone at UCLA or UCSF. I'm going to UCSF but does anyone else have really bad gum issues? Do you think it's from inflammation/systemic or could it be from being on a biologic? Feels like a double edged sword here, no?

This is my 9th week in a row of driving to at least 1, often 2 or more drs appointments an hour away. I am OVER IT! lol:ack:

Would be nice to hear from someone with this gum issue to see what helped. Thanks!
The same thing happened to me. Thousands of dollars later I have completed laser surgery and the gums are mostly healed. When the Crohns is stirred up the gums still bleed. The periodontist sees me and cleans the teeth every three months to keep an eye on me. I am sorry you are still having problems. Good luck!
Yes, my son has started the every 3 months schedule as in the year since he started remicade he had 8 cavities! So we're trying every 3 month cleaning and brushing with special paste (I think it has extra flouride). Good thing I have good dental insurance.
Try using a little Hydrogen Peroxide (brown bottle) on your tooth brush and brush along the gum line with it or doing a water mixed with hydrogen Peroxide mouth rinse(make yourself). (Do not swallow-make sure to rinse out again with water and spit) I used to work in dental