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Alcohol and humira?

Good afternoon team,

Just began Humira treatment yesterday after my body developed antibodies to my previous medication Infliximab.

Socially, am I able to drink alcohol with humira?

Kind Regards,

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I dont think there is a specific indication to avoid any alcohol wit humira.
However for your liver and for the possible inflammation in your bowel, i’d say it’s better to limit it.
I wish I know precisely if with crohns we sould avoid alcohol at all or not...
I agree with others, always consult with your doctor since we are all on different med combinations and have unique circumstances.

I did ask this question to my GI at my last appointment since before UC I was a big fan of wine..loved trying new ones and doing wine tastings. He told me he doesn't encourage drinking but that it would be safe for me to enjoy the ocassional drink once a week. For the record my UC is in remission.
I agree with the others - ask your doctor and follow their advice.

I don't do much socially anymore, but on the rare occasion I do, my crew has become used to me ordering a Coke while the rest of them order drinks. I became the designated driver by default.