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All of you rock!

I've had an ileostomy for over ten years now. I've been through a lot of crazy things, a lot of the times I had to figure solutions out myself a long time ago. I felt like an ostomy Mcgyver at times. I wouldn't say I thought I knew it all, but I thought I knew quite a bit. Everytime I come on here I am blown away by everyone's knowledge. I learn something new what seems like everyday about stoma/ostomie/skin issues.

You're all awesome!
I have had my colostomy for 9 years. I too have learned how to take care of myself by trial and error. On ny own. I just started coming here a few months ago and I have learned a lot. And I feel like I am not alone anymore with this stoma. There are others like me to share experiences. Too cool.......


I am very very thankful for this forum. I was lucky to have found it right before I had surgery. If it wasnt for ya'll, mentally I dont know if I wouldve come out with a positive attitude. And taking care of Stan, well. All the help received on here was so great!

It's an amazing place, with amazing people. And I'm soooo grateful to ya'll!
well Terriernut has sumed it up for me excatly, Im bout to go for my resection and stoma tomorrow evening or the next morning and having this site has helped me more than any doctor or nurse that explains the process has helped, thank u all


Good luck, Luke!

Ron, thanks for starting a thread just so we can all talk about how awesome we are!! Kidding aside, it's a great place to chat and learn and know that we are not alone, to share our ups and downs, and to make new friends.

And that's how I consider you all - friends.

xo xo - Amy
Yep...this place saved my sanity before and especially after my recent colectomy. I was not frightened by the various complications after surgery since everyone here had shared their experiences and how they handled them. Both my husband and I surprised ourselves at how well prepared we were when the time came.

Thank you all so much!
I agree with all of the above.
The information and advice I have got from everybody on this site, especially in the stoma sub forum has been so invaluable to me. It has helped me put things in perspective, given me tips, and has really helped me come to terms with the realities of having a bag. It has also given me support, understanding and a lot of laughs.
I don't feel alone and isolated in recovery. It's nice to be able to share with others my experience, and learn of theirs.
So thank you everybody from me too.
We do rock!

:ghug: Kudos to you all. I totally agree---this site is da bomb! It has saved my sanity, made me laugh (and still doin it)--and given me a wealth of information and tips! Bless you all!:smile: Dana
hi guys im out of surgery 48hrs out, im not doing too bad expect went a lil backwards this mornign but doing ok now, still very sore and tender. I have already name my stome "Stewie" as my pjs pants i have is stewie from family guy :) so i welcome and introduce to my life for 12 weeks Stewie the stoma :)
You lot are the only ones who truly understand what i am going through.
You don't turn around and say 'what now' when i feel like crap. More often one of you will say 'oh I know how you feel, try this'.
Its a place where i can truly be myself. Have good laugh, a bit of banter and get loads of advice when i need it.
Thank you all for saving my sanity!