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All Summer Long

I spent most of June and July going four times to the hospital for one flare that just wouldn't go away. Then on August 15, I had surgery to repair a hernia, that was causing 4 hour blockages underneath my stoma. What I thought was to be an hour long procedure took four hours and part of my colon and my ileum are now gone. The robotic surgery really knocked me out and it took me 15 days to get out of the hospital. I was only home for one day and boom, severe pain. Back for 14 more days because the scar tissue that formed on my intestines was restricting the intestines from functioning.

I am now at home for a few days and still very worn out. My last stay, I was a little shaky and was on bed restriction for the first ten days, even though I could walk balanced and passed the PT test. I need to get back to walking every night before I go to bed. I know if I don't start moving again, I will just fall apart more. My half boxer half black lab is anxious to get going again. I am nervous because I was on Rinvok, but it makes me throw up after my surgery, so I have not been on anything fo over a month.

My GI doc is putting me on Skyrizi, so another drug after so many others, I am hopeful that I will finally get some relief, 367 days in the hospital the last five years is getting old. I've had C-Diff 6 times, but not since I got the stoma 2 years ago. I hope also to get the stoma reversed in the next few months. Life is too short to live like this. Some day I will run again and bike in the the Colorado Rockies I see every day.
I am switching from Humira to Skyrizi soon. Paperwork is in process now. Have you started the Skyrizi yet? I was wondering if you have had any trouble or good results yet.