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All the Creys - Bottling it up

Right now it seems like anything will set me off crying. Even if it's not Crohn's related. But actually stopping and thinking about the fact I'm so weak and pathetic at the moment definitely makes me tear up. Literally anything, a slightly emotional advert on TV, a piece of music. I wasn't like this before the recent horrible flare and all the problems that came with it, before that Crohn's never felt that serious or real.

Now that I think about it, usually a flare up coincided with me trying to bottle up something, worries or whatever. And thinking back to that makes me more emotional and worried about things. I like to think that crying actually helps release some of the stress and whatnot... but I honestly don't know... I just want to be how I was before. Carefree and nonchalant and happy. I was happier being blissfully unaware of any of this stuff I think... just keeping busy and getting on with my life... but now cos of Crohn's... I can't... and I'm stuck at home like a friggin' invalid...


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I'm the same way in a flare. I think there must be some link between flaring and the emotions going all haywire. In a bad flare, I've cried because I saw a slightly sad TV commercial too, and I cried when I thought about calling my mom (not actually calling her, just thinking about calling!). I'm not like that outside of a flare either. It really seems to me that - for me at least - it's a symptom and something that I can't really do much about. So try not to feel bad about it, think of it as being a symptom.
I'm experiencing that same thing right now. Even this thread is making me tear up. It's only 8:20 but i think im going to go to bed - im not even tired, but sleep is the closest thing to escaping.
Same... it's been a good day if I haven't gone into the bathroom at work exclusively to cry or get a little teary in privacy. At least finals are over, so I've gone into a bit of a post-exam haze which is nice-ish.


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Feeling the same , quite emotional after the last GI visit a few days ago.
I am not the emotional type so it surprises me to be this way.
Could be related to the current crohn's problems.
Hope you all feel better soon
Sometimes it's helpful to remember that you are not Crohn's. You are a person who has Crohn's. You are a student, parent, daughter, employee, etc... and you also have to cope with this unforunate illness. It can seem to take front and center stage as a dominant part of who you are, especially when it causes disability. But sometimes it's helpful to consider all our other roles and identities, and how Crohn's, at the end of the day, isn't defining us. We are Crohn's survivors as much as we are Crohn's sufferers.

I find comfort in the impermanence of these states. It's rough to be sick and isolated, but these are the bad days. And there will be more good days too. So be strong, be kind to yourself, and look forward to knowing that things will change for the better.
Nicole86 - thank you for your response - AWESOME! "We are Crohn's survivors as much as we are Crohn's sufferers." WELL SAID!

and remember YOU ARE NOT CROHN's. You are a person who HAS Crohn's....

Good points!
I remember when i got diagnosed i was all over the place. And when i found this forum i cried and cried and cried. It was an amazing feeling to know im not alone but also it saddens me knowing we all fight this. But we all fight this together. I feel im lost and in a way im grieving for a person i used to be. If that makes sense?
Hugs and Hope!
Getting all choked up reading all your posts. Not a day goes by without some tears. I hate feeling weak and all-consumed. Sorry to hear that there are others who are also so sad. It's a very tough way to go through life.

Emmy.. et all... Thanks for helping me not to feel alone.
Sending you all hugs and wishes for better days.