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Allergies better or worse on Remicade/ Infliximab?

Hey there, just wondering about your experiences with allergies and Remicade on Inflectra. I’m a bit of a bubble boy, so already heavily restricted on what I can eat due to a number of food allergies (some severe)... and I would say I have a much higher likelihood to be allergic to things than your average person (grasses, moulds, dust, etc) and have mild asthma and eczema.

Are any of the things I am already allergic to likely to lessen or get worse?

Given the significant allergies I already have, does that increase the chance of a bad reaction to Infliximab itself?

If you know of any evidence in these avenues, or have your own experience, I would love to hear it! Thx!
Before I started Remicade for my Crohn's, I always seemed to find that my allergies would be awful in the spring and in the fall, but once I started Remicade, my seasonal allergies were almost completely gone. The medication does supress your immune system, so it would make sense if your allergies do get better, but once I started Remicade, I also started to get into distance running, so I'm not sure if that has also helped.

As for you being allergic to Remicade, that depends. I don't think being allergic to foods or seasonal allergies necessarily puts you at a higher risk to being allergic to Remicade, but I would make sure you definitely address this concern with your GI doctor. It's kind of a wait and see on the day of your first infusion.