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Aloe Vera Anyone?


I take AMP (it's an extract from the Aloe Vera plant).
My understanding is they extract the Mucilagionus Pollysaccarides from the plant and then encapsulate it.I decided to research it after i attended a local Crohn's meeting and got chatting to somebody who had been taking it.
When i researched it on the web i found you could buy it with 3 different absorbing agents(Soy Leitchen,L-Glutamine or Rice).I found posts on forums where some people said it was great whilst others said it didn't help.Given that it's a natural product i don't think their is any trials like the drugs the Dr's gave me go through(i couldn't find any).

I decided to try it as i couldn't tolerate any of the immunosuppresive drugs my Dr's gave me.13 months on i'm doing great,i've had my best year since i was diagnosed.
I've got no idea how many people it helps but for myself it's been the best Crohn's treatment i've ever taken.
I tried this stuff when I was in a horrible state. I had bloody diarreah 15 plus times a days and I tried drinking a small amount every night before bed. Whenever I would drink it I would feel sick to my stomache and I saw no improvement. I was grasping at straws at this point, tried immodium, tried probiotics tried diet change my colon was in such a bad state though that nothing could change it except for steriods.