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Aloe Vera Colon Cleansing Pills

I have been taking these for the last 2 weeks and over the last few days I have had stomach pains. I looked on the internet last night and some sites have advised that colon cleansing supplements should not be taken by Crohn's sufferers but other sites have advised that they are safe to take only if in remission.

Does anyone know if this is correct or are they safe to take?

Has anyone else experienced problems with taking these?

I think I'll pay a visit to my GP this week and ask her for advice.

I found my colon got pretty well cleansed with the Preps for colonoscopies. If you really want to do a good job at it . . . . . :D

Seriously I would not mess with these kind of pills or of any New Age Supplements. I think its mostly gimmicky sales tactics to make people feel like they are doing something right. It takes years to build up that "extra" material and we should be having colonoscopies often enough to prevent that.
Im always scared to do something new....Im afraid of that terrible pain and hospitalization again....like Kenny said, I wouldnt mess with it....good luck


I agree... "colon cleansers" and "fat burning pills"... two things IBD patients should avoid, even in remission. It's like taking lazatives on a regular basis... like we need to poop any more than we do! Plus, both of these "treatments" stimulate and aggravate the mucosal lining of the intestinal tract, so really just better to avoid them all together. :)
If it is just Aloe Vera, I do not think it is going to hurt anything. Why that would be called a Colon Cleansing product is a mystery to me. Aloe is more of a healing substance, which may or may not help. I have never used it.

Real Colon cleansers contain various ingredients and Aloe Vera is not a main ingredient.

I use alternative treatments for myself and some family members. The main thing to keep in mind when using them is they are generally not well tested. The reasons they are not well tested is usually because they are either cheap or unpatentable. Regardless of the reason, use some common sense when trying something new. Assess the chance of the possibility of a negative reaction, which is pretty much going to be a factor in any treatment.

I generally stay away from alternative treatments that have a high risk. There are not many that do, but I know of a handful.

One recent success for my son was the use of a homeopathic allergy treatment. He has severe Hay fever symptoms that border line on life threatening. I gave him my bottle of a homeopathic treatment for mold allergies. Since this reduced my symptoms to where I no longer use hay fever medication, and it had virtually zero risk, it seemed logical for him to try it.

After one week of use, his symptoms have been reduced by 90% in his estimation. He continues to take the remedy in hopes of 100% elimination of symptoms. He says if it does nothing more than it already has, he is very happy with the results. Since I see him on a regular basis, I can also easily observe that he no longer has watery eyes, and is not sneezing constantly.

Fifteen bucks and it helped two people, with virtually zero risk. You cannot really go wrong with that scenario. The worst that could happen is that it would not work. That is just one example of what is considered a quack treatment, working far better than any real treatment available. I have had many that did not work also. That is the nature of the game.