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Alternative Solution Kratom

Hello Everyone. I have been dealing with UC / Crohns for years. Over the years I've taken more steroids than anyone ever should, been on bazalzide, Pentasa and resorted to Marijuana for the best relief over the pre-mentioned drugs. I found CDB oil helped some with out having to get high but was not a good solution. Back in Nov 2017 I ended up in the hospital for blood clot issues and they thinned my blood so much that the UC caused internal bleeding.

My GI Dr. give me a dose of Remicade (Infliximab) and the pain and bleeding stopped. I got my second infusion of Remicade a couple weeks later and fortunately my 3rd injection was delayed due to snow/ice. Shortly after I ended up back in the hospital for a UTI that went really bad. This infection delayed my 3rd dose of Remicade even longer due to scheduling with my GI dr.

About 2 weeks past the date I was supposed to get the 3rd injection of Remicade, my UC was flaring back up and my Hip was throbbing. Out of desperation I tried some Kratom. I'm over a month past due for my next Remicade injection and have been taking Kratom for the past couple weeks. It has given me complete relief of stomach pains, stopped the diarrhea and stopped the hemorrhoid like pain in my rear. It's so nice to be able to wipe instead of "pat" when I go potty.

I'm not sure this is a definite solution for UC or not but its really seems to be working for me. I have to take about 2000mg (1/2 teaspoon) about every 6 hours. I have skipped a few days with taking none to see the difference and when the pain and diarrhea start up I'd start back on the Kratom and with in several minuets the pain and runs stop.

I'm due back to my GI next week to figure out what to do about this Remicade. I plan on telling my Dr. about the experience I've been having with Kratom and discuss staying off the Remicade due to getting sick and the joint pains. If he is willing to consider this I hope to schedule a colonoscopy in the near future to see how this Kratom is really working.

I will post an update after my GI appointment of what we discuss. If anyone else has any experience with Kratom please share your experience. These doses of Remicade are costing my insurance company $26,000 each time with the horrible side effects. If this Kratom continues to work it's a $30/month solution that hopefully the DEA will not outlaw.


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How did you find out about Kratom...
Are there any scientific studies that support its use in IBD.?
You are right to discuss it with your specialist.
It is good that you find it so effective but suggest you would only continue with the GI back up
and supervision with colonoscopies,blood work.etc
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Have just reviewed Kratom
It is a herbal product which originated in SE Asia being used in the USA to treat chronic pain
and to reverse opioid withdrawal symptoms
DEA lists Kratom as a drug and chemical of concern and is in process of evaluating Kratom
Lack of quality scientific evidence confounds evaluation of safety of Kratom
FDA has warned consumers not to use any products labelled as Kratom.
So there you have it...be very cautious and ask your doctors before taking this product
I found out about Kratom from my wife using it for the past year to aid with her Lupus symptoms rather than using a biologic that kept her sick. I was in desperation to do something for the pain being my Gastro doctors had no available appointments for over a month. I tried this being its full of alkaloids that act as an anti-inflammatory with no apparent side effects rather than resorting back to prednisone that has apparent side effects. I'm not against getting back on a biologic however I have to wait on my doctors busy schedule.

Researching this product the primary problems found are either folks abusing the product taking way too much or being laced with other products from buying off the street. We have to be careful with anything not to consume too much of any product and how credible the sources are. This goes for anything from drugs, herbs, food and even water.

I'm not recommending anyone step out to try this product as an alternative but rather looking for anyone that has already done so. For years the medical industry failed to admit the benefits of CBD found in marijuana until it was made available as a prescription drug. I feel there is no scientific data on Kratom because there is no benefit for the drug companies or kick backs for the doctors if patients begin relying on an all-natural alternative. There are several reports of this product helping folks so it would be nice to see some scientific study on the benefits -vs- risks rather than simply dismissing.

By using feedback by use of a forum we can create a "scientific" environment with a control and variable. So far as a variable test subject I have a complete difference in my daily quality of life in comparison to constantly being in pain and on the toilet while I wait on my next Dr. appt.
Hi dude. Thank you for sharing your story. I also tried CBD oil but the taste was too disgusting and I decided to switch to Kratom. This is just an amazing plant and it helped me get rid of heart problems. By the way, after a couple of days, I immediately felt that the pain in my heart had passed. I was very happy and decided to order a new batch, but the old supplier no longer worked and I had to look for a new supplier. I asked my friends and they said that I can find a bet on Kratomrack.com. There was a lot of detailed information about different suppliers and in the end I found a great kratom at an affordable price.
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