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Alternative to Ibuprofen?

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone knew of an alternative to Ibuprofen that may be taken by us with IBD?
Seen my consultant this morning, and my preds been put back up to 40mg for a month, but it's my knee and hip that's giving me the most probs. Had I not been flaring, and not had a bout of Gastritis, then I would most probably have popped a few just to get the inflammation under control, but even I realise that it wouldn't make good sense right now!I have Tramadol, but don't really want to be taking these during the day- make me a zombie!!
Any suggestions most welcome.


Hiya Andrea

I was thinking about Celebrex, here's an old thread about it


but remember it's a NSAID like Ibuprofen.

here's a report about Celebrex too

I'm happy with Amitriptyline, it's working well for my shoulder and neck pain. I take paracetamol or co-codamol too, but they're not anti inflam.
My GP gave me Ibugel, it contains Ibuprofen but it's a topical cream and doesn't enter the guts. But it works!
I was told to be careful with the gels, they might still have a milder long term effect on the guts. I use cocodamol (paracetamol with low dose codeine) when I need something a bit more than plain paracetamol, but not bad enough to use codeine or Tramadol. But you do need to be careful as it can constipate you!
Yup, you do still need to be very careful with the gels. Think how patches work! It's not going to be the same as taking tablets but over time and with largish areas you may get significant blood levels that will effect your guts.

A good alternative to oral opiates is an opiate patch. Butrans is the patch my GP gave me which is just enough when my back or shoulder kicks off to take the edge off the pain without bunging me up to the arm pits!
Thanks all for the suggestions- I'm now of the opinion that a gun would be far quicker and less painful. I'm sure if I was an animal, then the vet would have put me down by now!
Hope you all have a great new year and a healthy 2011.
Andrea x