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Alternative to milk...

You can take this drink on a clear liquid diet... You can take it in place of milk... You can even take it just to get you some extra vitamens if you are having trouble with pills atm.. Trouble is you have to order them... I tried calling every walgreens (only store that carried them) in town and they said they had been discontinued from the store... But Wal-greens online still has them... For now... The product is still going to be around... It's just finding it cheap is the hard part...

This is what I am talking about and it comes in 3 flavors... http://www.walgreens.com/search/search_results.jsp?_dyncharset=ASCII&term=breeze+beverage&section=A&%2Fsearch%2Fsearchbase%2FSearchOptions.resultsperPage=10&_D%3A%2Fsearch%2Fsearchbase%2FSearchOptions.resultsperPage=+&x=0&y=0&_DARGS=%2Fcommon%2Fnavigation%2Fheader_fg.jsp.1

The peach is standable it doesn't taste horrible it doesn't taste great yes it does leave some of an after taste so have something to drink along with it.

The orange is ok but I like the peach better... Still same after taste..

The wild berry just plain sucks... It tastes nastey and has an even worse nastey after taste...

I just ordered two 24 cases of peach flavored ones for myself...They were $29.99 for 24 of them... Everywhere else I looked they had the old white ones for around that price but I have no clue how much longer the old white bottles will be good for... It costed me 62 dollars I think (shipping was free but their was a 2 dollar tax for somemthing)... That was the cheapest I could find it on the web and from a reliable source... I don't trust some of these herbal and supplment sites... Sometimes you find a good ones and sometimes they suck super bad...

All the other websites I look at had the 24 packs at about 36.99 or more...

Also if you see that product in a white box that is is the old product facing... It is the exact same product as the one in the red box... BUT watch out the drinks may be getting close to expiring.. If they are red like in the pitcure then you know they are fresh... You can keep them unfridgrated and they will not go bad... Granted they taste a lot better when they are cold... The only time you need to put them in the frdge is if you want them cold or if you still have some more to finish off inside the container...

BUT WATCH OUT these are only 8 oz drinks...

Link to nutrient info


I don't want to drink these things but I need protien... Yes I sell premade as well as tons of just raw protien powder at work... But they will all leave residue along the intestines... Or they taste nastey... We do carry some isolate protiens like in these drinks but again their lacking all those extra Vitimens and calories...

Man I love milk... I'll drink about 3 20 oz glasses over the course of an hour... And I will do that several times a day... But for now I'm trying to cut it out as much as possible and limit the intake of cheese... I can't just drink a small glass of milk... I have to have a huge glass and then I generally finish off my food with a second huge glass. (big glass 16+oz). The protien found in the milk is the thing that gives me my problems... It is very very very slow to digest (It can take up to 12 hours)... But milk is a liquid and wants to move on through... So you have all of this partial digested protien sitting in your stomach and your guts... Then you get the pain when that protien mixed with all the gas from breaking down the dairy is forced through your body really quick... At least I think that is what happens... I maybe completely wrong...

All I know is I want a low resdiue drink that is a clear liquid and has some calories and protien... If that's what your looking for then give these things a try... Just remember I say peach is the best... You might like the other flavores, but then again you might not...

Okays time for food again... I really need to sleep sometime soon... I'm on the full upswing of the second set of 30 mg prednisone now... I'm also trying to not make myself into even more of an idiot by taking more valium based drugs to calm me down so I can sleep again...

Okays bye bye

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yeah they are good, i actually like the orange. taste kinda like sunny d. they are a nice change to the milky boost drinks. you can buy it in drug stores here in vic, canada


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I use a lactose free skim milk... And it has made a real difference, both in levels of pain & frequency/extent of my flares. It costs only slightly more than cows milk, & is available just about everywhere cows milk is here in East. Canada (except for a lot of local convenience stores - i.e. the corner mom & pop 7/11, etc.,etc..) As for a lot of other beverages (powerade, gatorade, etc.) I can't find any that are low in sugar (that don't use artificial sweeterner alternatives)... What's up with that?

Cara Fusinato

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I'm a major milk-drinker too! I could drink it all day long. I don't suffer any problems from it, but I have found some research that some of the bacterial Crohn's triggers may be from poorly pasteurized milk. I really shouldn't drink milk then. But if I don't, I get wicked "Charlie Horses." Soy milk, though, just makes me hit the bathroom in a major way. Haven't investigated goat's milk or anything. Powerade / Gatorade also upsets my stomach and keeps me awake for days and days. I suppose I just need the milk in moderation.
I went to a cow/goat farm where they make milk and I called them up to ask if I could get some unpasteurized milk. The dude said yeah so I went ther and got a free sample and it tasted great. It is a little sweeter but I cannot taste the chemicals in it. His cows and goats are milked when they can be and not like those super factory like farms so the animals do not need to have antibiotics. The guy was nice and I think it is cheaper then normal milk, the only bad thing is that you have to buy many bottles of it because it came in a glass bottle instead of a plastic one and it does not come in gallons. Instead it comes in an old fashion bottle so you also never get the plastiv taste. I bring the bottles back next time I go and he reuses them so it is envirnmentally good as well.

But it definitely makes me feel better. I dont have that full feeling in my gut anymore after drinking the stuff.


CARA is talking about MAP. Its pretty common thougth of people with crohns, its known to cause Johhnes disease, which is a disease in cattle that is VERY similiar to Crohns, in fact a company in germany I believe is developing a vaccine for this purpose, thinking it may help crohns patients. Also I have read that a large number of mothers breat feeding can find some form of it in the breast milk, so it is often recommended to avoid breast feeding if you can.

Jeff is right its better if you live near a small dairy farm where you can get unpasturized milk.

You can also drink organic milk which is ultra-pasturized.

I take digestive enzymes, most people can handle dairy with the enzymes because its just helps break down the dairy, which is our bodies dont normally make enough lactase to breakdown. This is also true for protein, carbs and fats. digestive enzymes should break all of these down not just dairy.

I've also read goats milk is a lot easier on peoples stomach that are lactose intolerant.


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The whole milk issue is pretty confusing... Before I developed any symptoms at all, I used only powdered skim milk, or powdered coffee whitener. No problems at all. Even during remission I had no problem with either of these products... skim milk has lactose, coffee whitener does not.. Then, last year, after/during the worst of my IBD, I failed to respond to treatment... literally same treatment I'm on now. It only differs from today in that then I didn't use only lactose free skim milk.. I know that my IBD affected my bile ducts... that caused problems for my pancreas/liver. I know that the pancreas, aside from it's role in insulin production, is responsible for the production/release of other enymes to break down lactose, fat, etc., etc.. AND for the controll/regulating of the amount of gastric acid & saliva we produce.. I thought that 'lactose' was sole culprit... the more I delve into it, the less sure I am that it comprises the 'whole' answer. For instance, I know many people who are (either self diagnosed or officially diagnosed) 'lactose' intollerant who swear by goats milk... yet goats milk doesn't have any less lactose than cows milk...??? Maybe it's the fat content... If your IBD has affected your bile ducts or pancreas, EVEN to such a slight amount that you aren't 'symptomatic' then fat is something you may be sensitive to. Either because your enzyme production for digesting fat is below where it should be, or you bile ducts (esp if inflamed/blocked) are working overtime as your liver deals with elevated fat levels... Either way that you slice it... fat is something to watch for... If I were feeling less symptomatic after digesting goats milk, I would try less fat content cows milk... If I didn't feel as good, then it's not the fat content that's making the difference... if it is, then you need to look at your overall diet content of fats. As for pastuerized, non pastuerized, ultra pasteurized types of milk, that may well be the answer for some... but I think it's vital to determine, regardless of what type of milk works best for you, if you have (or even moderately have) an issue with the fat, type of fat, or amount of fat in your diet. I've been exploring it with my doctor. Wanted to know/discover if my pancreatic enzyme levels were at or below tolerable limits. Thought that it was merely a case of simple blood test. Its not. It requires a really nasty (albeit not painful) test of stool collected over a multi day period. They examine it for amounts of fat, fat in your diet, total volume, other things. Rather than go thru this embarrassing test without 'real' reason, its a relatively simple matter to watch for changes in your condition, ie full or bloated after drinking cows milk, or diarhea after drinking it or eating a cheesy pizza, etc.. Problems with bile ducts, gall bladder, pancreas or liver develop very gradually... You might be contributing very slowly to an overall negative condition without any immediate warning signs... (how slowly? apparently I did it for approx 17 years)..

Anyway, I wanna apologize for rambling on and on to such great lengths. Dairy is a vital part of a healthy, balanced diet. If you've experienced reason to believe it is having a negative effect on you... then I'd humbly suggest that you try a few days of fat free milk (skim or .5%)... See if that makes a difference. If it doesn't, then try lactose free skim... if that doesn't, then see if adding 'lactaid' pills help.(dairy digestive supplements - usually req'd to be taken 30 min before dairy). If that doesn't seem to work, then try unpastuerized 'raw' milk (or whatever). My point? Well, that old adage... "If you hear the sound of approaching hooves, it's probably a stampede of horses.. rarely a stampede of zebras". Try the obvious first... It may be zebras, but don't jump to that conclusion until you try the rest... Otherwise, you may convince your 'brain' that the only thing that will work for you is a rare form of unpasteurized goats milk taken in tandem with a lifetime supply of dairy digestive pills and calcium additives or supplements... Whereas all it may mean is that you drink only skim milk, maintain a low(er) fat diet, or avoid lactose in it's many forms (hidden or otherwise - who'd thunk that lactose would be used in things like margarine or as a filler in pills, etc..).. Just a little food for thought.. (or should that be thought for food?)