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Alternatives to cholestyramine & Questran (UK drug shortages)?

hi all

I have been taking Questran / Questran Light every day for more than 5 years and it works quite well for reducing number of toilet visits to a reasonable number.

It's fair to say that I'm dependent on it.

My pharmacist has now told me that, at least in the UK, it will be out of stock until mid 2020 Have seen very things on various websites confirming this. My prescriptions for Questran Light can no longer be filled - and I'm FREAKING OUT!!!

What is the best alternative to Questran Light? and is it available in the UK to buy?

And if you are in the UK and can still get your Questran Light prescription filled, please tell me which pharmacy you go to :)

I don’t know about availability in the U.K. however I found this drug digging around on the net. Colesevelam is another bile acid sequester that appears to be used for the same purpose.

It occurred to me that since my doctor never mentioned any possible side effects of Cholestyramine that others may not be aware of them either.

The drug can cause a vitamin K deficiency which can increase bleeding. Vitamin K is needed for normal blood clotting and for proper bone formation. Since Crohn’s patients are often on the surgeons table the possibility of increased bleeding is something every person using the drug should be aware of.

I take a vitamin K supplement anyway but you cannot prevent a problem if you are not aware of it in the first place.

Cholestyramine can also cause a folate deficiency which in women increases the odds of certain birth defects. Low folate can cause anemia also. The link below lists all the problems concerns low folate.

I guess the bottom line is don’t use any more of this medication than you need. I only use half of the recommended dose as thats good enough in my case. You also should probably supplement folate with folate”not folic acid as they are not same although it is often stated that they are. Folic acid has been associated with an possible increase in both colorectal and prostate cancer. It doesn’t exist in the human diet in nature. Since you can get either folate or folic acid supplements, why pick folic acid? Get what naturally occurs in the human diet.

A vitamin K supplement may be a good idea also. Vitamin K does thicken the blood naturally so be aware of that if you use blood thinners.