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Always feel like I'm semi-awake/semi-dreaming

Does anyone else feel this way? Like you never quite woke up when you got out of bed, and just have a hard time caring about much of anything, other than going back to sleep? of course with all of the other mental symptoms of Crohn's, brain fog, excessive fatigue, etc... Probably just a symptom of iron deficiency anemia?

It could be a number of things. The first thing I would suspect is gluten intolerance. My wife, who has eosinophilic gastritis will get that way if she gets gluten in her system. It's easier said than done, but try eliminating wheat products from your diet for a couple of weeks and see if your condition improves.

The second thing I would suspect is sleep apnea. A lot of people think sleep apnea only has to do with snoring, but you can also have periods when breathing slows down to the point that the oxygen levels in your blood drop. This is what happened to me. I did an at-home sleep study a couple of years ago and it found that my breathing was very irregular in my sleep and my pulse-ox would drop down to the low to mid 80s (95-100 is normal). Lack of oxygen makes you very tired and you have trouble focusing.

Talk to your doctor about how to proceed, but I would suspect that you have one of these two "overlapping" conditions.


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hi, seneca, I know exactly what you are explaining. I too have sleep apnea and feel quite like a zombie most days. It's so exhausting being this way. Just to make matters worse i have such a sore stricture. I don't feel i'm fit for purpose like this. No purpose whatsoever. It's a hard struggle, i know. I haven't found a solution to the problems yet.
I found that speaking to a therapist helped. I felt like this for a very long time and it could be the anxiety or depression that accompanies medication / symptoms from the disease. It's always worth exploring this option if you're able. It took me a long time to open up about my feelings surrounding a chronic disease.