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Am i an anal anomaly?

Hello everyone,

i'm not sure if this is the right website or the right forum to pose this sort of question, but honestly - i don't know where else to ask.

i have a small hole beside my anus.
it is not open, bloody or infected.
i can only assuming it is the result of anal sex (i was last sexually active about 2-3 months ago.)

i met with a surgeon who examined me, and treated me for an anal fissure.
it healed, and i went for a colonoscopy to ensure i did not have any other issues going on. I was cleared of any health complications.

initially, i felt relieved - but now, upon re-examining myself, i can see that i still have the secondary 'hole'. again - it is not bloody. it is not infected.
the only way i can describe it is to imagine that the soft tissue of/around the anus was indented, and it healed with the imprint - instead of 'bouncing back' to it's original structure.

i am a young gay male with very limited sexual experience. i am worried that further sex will make my symptoms worse, or that i will experience shame in the bedroom.

now, i know this is more an issue of self esteem than of health, but i want to see if anyone has any experience with this.

what did you do?

is there surgery available to fix this?
if not - how did you talk about your situation with further partners?
(this question is open to anyone dealing with 'down-there' problems and intercourse)

have you or anyone on this website heard anything similar to my story?

anything helps.


- k


Welcome to the gay section of crohnsforum. It would be wise to see the surgeon again to see if it's a new or recurrent fissure or infected. Doesn't sound infected since you have no drainage.

Fissures can happen with sex, it's always best to use condoms, lots of lubrication and to have partners go slow.

I would goto the surgeon and see what's going on and explain your concerns. Do you feel comfy with the surgeon knowing you are gay and have receptive sex?

What did the initial treatment consist of? It may just be scarring you feel and not a hole?