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Am I ready for surgery? 5 days away!

I'm lying to myself and my family that I am ready and looking forward to moving on from all the pain and symptoms after the proctocolectomy. But actually I am pretty damn scared. This is the biggest, most life-altering surgery yet and I am terrified. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks. I'm on a holter monitor now because of palpitations - probably stress. I just keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end. If only I could just skip to the that part.

Thanks for letting me vent - Amy


Its certainly understandable to be frightened of a big proceedure like what you are going to go thru.

Can I suggest you go to our Stoma subforum and have a look around? It may put you more at ease.



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Oh Amy, as Misty said, it is normal to be scared of surgery and especially a surgery like yours.

I hope things settle down for you hun and I'm sure you will get through it just fine. Everything is crossed for you mate that all goes well and I will be thinking about you!

:goodluck: hun and deep breaths!


Dusty. xxx
Hi Amy

Well, I have just been through that surgery 2 weeks ago (16 days to be precise).

I just drove for a couple of hours now... and went to do some errands...

I won't say its a picnic, because I was in a very difficult state before the surgery, but overall I can't complain.

I spoke on the phone with my family a few hours after the surgery. Was out of bed 2 days after and working on my laptop, and released from hospital on day 8.

The worst part - the hospital bed wasn't very comfortable and having to lie on one's back for prolonged periods hurt my skinny back. With hindsight, I would have taken a comfortable mattress overlay or pillow with me.

They give you a morphine pump so you can use as much as you need. The worst pain though wasn't from the surgery, it was from a couple of staples that were sitting on a nerve. Since those were taken out this week, I am in slight discomfort here and there, but compared to the Crohn's pain I had before its nothing.

Getting used to being "different" and wearing a bag is probably the most difficult part for me emotionally. But logically - I am spending less time dealing with that than I was spending in the toilet before the surgery.

It takes a few days for the bowels to start working after the surgery - the surgeon told me to chew chewing gum - helps start the bowels - there are many studies supporting this - so that was good tip. And once the bowels start working, there are some colicky pains for a couple of days, so if they offer you anti-spasmodic drugs for those - take them. It does provide relief. After a couple of days, it normalizes.

Take a comfortable pillow to sit on, as the backside heals. Once they take out the stitches there (about 2 weeks), you shouldn't feel anything.

Good luck!
Thank you very much for your post. I feel better knowing you are only two weeks post-op and feeling that much better. I appreciate you sharing the details of your surgery so I know better what to expect. Good luck to you and please keep me posted on how you are doing!

ps - I will definitely bring a comfortable pillow with me! :)

I went through a roller coaster of emotions probably around day 5 after the surgery, crying and all. I heard it happens to many, probably a side effect of the anesthesia. But after that was over, it got better all the time.


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Your feelings are certainly justified. But try to think positive! I hope you feel terrific after this surgery!