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Am I "vulnerable" to covid19?

Hi all. I'm trying to determine if I should consider myself in the "vulnerable" category for this virus. I am in surgically induced remission and not on any meds. My immune system seems to be fine. I have read that regardless, Crohn's people are more at risk for certain pneumococcal infections. Knowing my vulnerability seems important at this time. Thanks for considering. Adam
People on immunosuppressants are at increased risk of viral infections, like covid19, including CD patients.

But there is no strong evidence I know of that links genetic susceptibility of CD patients to viral infections. I do not believe that crohn's disease patients who are not on immunosuppressants are at increased risk of viral infections.

The innate immunodeficiencies in crohn's disease patients leaves them vulnerable to intracellular and macrophage penetrating bacteria that require a cell-mediated immune response.

People with genetic susceptibility to CD are susceptible to mycobacterial infections, especially leprosy and tuberculosis and macrophage penetrating enterobacteria like E coli (AIEC found in CD patients) and salmonella.

I and I know many other IBD patients have been endlessly worrying about whether or not we are at increased risk from conflicting and confusing advice from national agencies and official sources. The British Society for Gastroenterology have provided the below advice:

Essentially in your case (remission and no meds*) then no increased risk compared to 'normal' member of the public.

*even some meds commonly used do not enhance one's risk.

Although scary I've been trying to focus on the fact that figures indicate that the vast majority recover/have mild illness. Also reports suggest (early data is going to be skewed by lack of identification/testing) that potentially as many as ~30 - 50% are asymptomatic.

There is also suggestion from some reports (albeit not entirely clear) that immunosuppressiolve drugs may be beneficial. American doctors seem to think tnf-a blockers are of no consequence (my UK gastro nurse takes the opposite stance) also suggestions azathioprine was used to treat SARS (I've tried to find that report but cannot locate it). SARS-COV-2 is said to be very closely related to SARS.

Also there were reports from SARS outbreak of immunocompromised patients recovering. Various theories that cytokine storm is a main cause of death and so some degree of immunosuppression may be beneficial. I've seen posted that Chinese doctors are/were researching the use of tnf-a blockers in treating SARS-COV-2. Again some of these are hard to locate and if you do it's not always entirely clear to be perfectly clear.

Some US doctors have set up a site for physicians to report cases in those with IBD and also one providing bespoke updates:

What's promising is that the first link contains several cases (confirmed by physicians as only they can post) of IBD suffered contracting and making full recovery. It even lists their ages and medication they were on.

I'm in the 'moderate risk group' so self isolating, keeping as fit as possible, only reading reputable media sources or medical ones as some of press coverage seems intent upon scaring people.

Try to isolate as much as possible even if you are low risk to ensure those of us who are at enhanced risk aren't laid low.