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Amateur observations: Non-surgical ways to prevent/cure fistulas.

I am no doctor but a recent anal abscess sufferer with surgical drainage done. I started researching and came up with a few interesting medical research papers how to possibly prevent or cure fistulas without further surgeries.

1. Honey

This poor guy's behind looked like being shot with a shotgun! Really extreme case of multiple fistulas and multiple surgeries but Betadine cleaning&honey insertion did the job in about 6 months.


Some have experimented mixing crushed Cipro antibiotic with honey before applying it with fingers but that might be a bit extreme way. It seems applying near the fistula openings is the key.

2. Aloe Vera ointments and foods.

This seems to be very good for the post-op healing process (abscess or fistula surgery).


In rats they were able to reduce the fistula tract diameter by about 55 percent.


In pain management, very good results.



I am personally using 98 percent Aloe Vera gel to my behind 2-3 times a day and eating raw Aloe Vera.

3. (Wild) Oregano Oil

This is more anedoctal from various forms but seems to work for some.

4. Lemongrass tea/Feverfew herbs

Also some promising anedoctal stories in forums.

Good videos from this guy:

From what I have gathered, if the fistula is simple and shallow enough then one time fistulotomy surgery probably will cure it (90+ percent change) but with each new surgery after the first one the percentage of success goes down 20-30 percentage points per surgery.