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Amazing significant others

Just thought i'd give my hugs out to all those husbands, wives , boyfriends, girlfriends, life partners, have i left anyone out? My heart is lifted when i read the stories about how supportive you all are in the face of this nasty disease. Yes we get grumpy, yes sometimes we have to run out of the movie theatre to go change ourselves, or politely decline an invitation to go white water rafting with co-workers 'cause 6 hours in a wet suit WOULD NOT BE PLEASANT !! I guess Valentines Day coming up made me think about this.. but just knowing someone is there for some support, and a hug, when needed is so cool. I personally have not dated now for 12 years because i didnt want to be a burden to someone...but i realize now the world has people in it who can see past the inconveniences and thats pretty special. Cheers to all.
I'd like to add Mums & Dads to the list.
I know without mine - I'd be in strife.
They have looked after me when I'm sick, have driven me to hospital and doc appointments, remonstrated with doctors, fed me, washed my soiled clothes - the list goes on.
They do an amazing job to make sure I'm ok - and for that - I am eternally grateful.
My wife is AMAZING! She has supported me through the worst. She listens to me complain, and doesn't judge me when I shit the bed.

I think the biggest difference between us, and our caregivers; is that we have no choice in the matter. We have to deal with our disease regardless of what happens, while our caregivers CHOOSE to stay with us, and support us in our worst moments.

I'm no Christian, but I'm sure there is a place in Heaven for those who support the Crohnies! :heart:
Yes, most definitely, mums and dads. thanks Samboi. I only see my mum every couple of years, and i try not to burden her with news unless its sort of good !. My dad died of Pancreatitis when he was 37, so i felt bad even telling my mum about the Crohn's, but she is always very positive of spirit for me. and i love her for that
Thanks for the laugh! I need it right now!

I also want to add DustyKat to the list! :rosette2:

Her compassion and understanding is second only to my Wife... At least for me!:cool: She has helped me through some tough moments recently, with her words of encouragement.

I second about Dusty! :) She is amazing to have around here. She has such a huge wealth of knowledge and compassion.

I have amazing people all around me that help me through it all. Parents, husband, mother in law, they're all amazing. Also, my baby, even though she doesn't know it, she helps me get through it all!