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American Gut Project: What's in Your Gut?

Thought this study project looked interesting and possibly helpful. Thought to post in case some were willing to participate.

"American Gut Project: What's in Your Gut?"


snippet from Laura Dolson's article:

I've been fascinated for a long time about all that is being learned about the microbes in our guts and the influence they have on our health, as well as how our diets may encourage certain microbes and discourage others. Now there is an opportunity both find out about what is in your gut and contribute to science at the same time. The American Gut project at the University of Colorado is crowd-sourcing a large analysis as part of the Human Microbiome Project, and they are looking for people who eat a wide variety of different diets....
I'm doing it. If you have already, I'd like to compare. I'm trying to find out if there's some centralized way to compare these things. I think the results would be fascinating.