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Hello, I am a 48 year old male located in Canada. I have been recently diagnosed with mild Crohns in my terminal ileum. Recently, my GI specialist had prescribed amitriptyline at 10 mg a day. I have been taking this medicine for a week and was wondering when it usually takes effect?


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Hi there, sorry its taken a little while to respond, what symptom is your doctor hoping the amitriptyline will help with? I personally take it to help with another condition called cluster headaches and in my case the main aim is helping with sleep. I know for some people it can also help with pain. The dose you're on is relatively low so you may need an increase, generally it takes Up to four weeks for the drug to take full effect. How is your doctor treating your Crohn's itself?
I have seen research that shows the possibility of amitriptyline having an anti-inflammatory effect on Crohn's disease but I've not seen it used as front line treatment.