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An updated on me...

So i wont know results of the colonoscopy and gastroscopy until late october; as far as i understand they showed nothing :(.

I of course am affected by red meat and veggies since i am flaring.

I have been on Prednisone, today will be day 6. It started working after one day, i was skeptical because of how extreme this flare is. The diarrhea, blood, vomiting, and mucous is gone; left with a bit of pain. The pain has improved enough that i can actually sleep on right side.

I forgot about no red meat 3 days before occult blood stool test so i can do that tomorrow. I was supposed to have a lipid stool test for malabsorption but she cancelled it because of difficulty on the labs.

Waiting for bloodwork on CBC, thyroid, liver, pancreas, kidney, iron, minerals, autoimmune, and random glucose and autoimmune thyroid.


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Habs, why are they making you wait so long to get the scope results? Are they able to mail you a letter saying what the results are, or could you call and get the results over the phone? My GI always will call or mail results to me as soon as they are back, I hope yours could do the same.

I'm glad to hear you're back on pred, I know you've said that helps you a lot (I'm the same way). Very glad to hear that it's giving you some relief from this flare. I hope you get some answers soon, you've been struggling for too long!
Seriously why are they making you wait so long? Are they not talking with you until your next appointment with them or something? Dumb.
No idea why the long wait! Im guessing because he's not concerned? I wanna see him mainly to tell him off for focusing on finding Celiac which as we know i have had for over 8.5 years.

I'd go to my awesome family doc for results but she was not even informed that i was in the ER 2 weeks ago or that i had these scopes done!

I'll do the occult blood samples tomorrow. Damn monthly commitment for preventin me from taking the samples why i had the bloody mucous and stuff!

Cat, im so thankful for Pred even though i have received crap from so many for being back on it. But i cant help it. Cant live with suffering. Speaking of Pred, i found containers for the 2 doses before this: july 2010 then not again until march 2011 then now. I say that is darn good span of not needing it!

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.624896,-102.433870


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I don't blame you for taking pred, suffering through a flare is miserable and pred works so well, at least it does for me and it sounds like it does for you too. My GI feels it's a bit dangerous to put an undiagnosed person on pred for a long period of time but he feels that Entocort is much safer. I ended up being on Entocort for 7 months and I feel like it put me in or near remission (I still have a few symptoms, like d a few times a week and mucus about once per week and the ocassional crampy pains, but nothing like the symptoms I used to experience). So, if you continue to take flak for being on pred repeatedly, you might want to try Entocort. It's milder, so it may not help if you're in a bad flare, but it worked wonders for me. The upside is that it's got fewer side effects than pred and isn't systemic. The downside is that it takes longer to kick in (with pred, I felt it working within the first day - Entocort took 9 days for me to notice a difference) and like I said it's milder. Anyway, I'm rambling. So glad to hear you're getting some relief, and I hope you're able to get the scope results sooner than late Oct!


I don't blame you for taking the pred! If I was offered it undiagnosed I would jump on it faster than anything! I'm glad it helped!

That's sucks that you are having to wait so long! I'm having to wait a really long time for my pill cam results for the same reason..my GI feels like the test was a waste and did it only because my old GI asked for it in my records!

Keep pressing them for the results! And even though your GP doesn't know everything going on, it might help to see them too!
Cat, i am on it for 5 weeks only each time. If you didnt have to taper i'd ask for less. Im on day 8 and pain is nearly gone. Although i am getting the annoying side effects like puffyness and cold sweats! My psoriasis is clearing fast and even in 3 days of storms i've only had an achy back (enough that i'll take a Celebrex tomorrow before walking a couple miles to be safe).

I may have to get the GP to push for explanations.

All i've been hearing from family right now is i'm dramatizing things and it is nothing and everyone is sick of hearing about it...so i am scared my family doc will start thinking the same way. I cant help i have been sick over 5 years off and on :(

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.625337,-102.434211