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ANA Test Results

Hi! Recently my GI Dr did the anti-nuclear antibody test. The results came back as positive at 1:16 with a speckled pattern. I don't see any threads on this subject and wondered if anyone else has done this test. My guess is he did it because I started on Humira earlier this year after being on Budesonide for almost a year. My complaint at my most recent apt was new joint pain and fatigue, which could be a result of the Humira. The Humira has worked wonders for my Crohn's symptoms, but has created new issues, like joint pain, fatigue, weight gain and all over swelling. I'm curious if others have done this test what the results mean and if they had the same reactions to Humira. Could all this be a symptom of the Humira?

San Diego
ANA tests are commonly used to test for lupus. The test has a high sensitivity for lupus (i.e. nearly everyone with lupus will test positive for ANA) but a low specificity (i.e. many people who do not have lupus will also test positive for ANA). Plus these false positive tests are also more common in people with other immune-related diseases such as RA or IBD. I also have a positive ANA (solid pattern), but they are pretty sure I don't have lupus, just Crohn's.

I don't understand how Humira could cause a false positive ANA, but who knows? In any case I suggest you continue to follow-up with your doctor on the possible significance of the ANA. It could indicate some autoimmune disease on top of your IBD, or it could just be another result of the IBD itself.
Thank you for the reply! Dr's can be so vague, which sends me searching Google for answers! It sounds like Crohn's is probably the culprit for the positive test result. Fingers crossed it's not another autoimmune disease.