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Anal abcess drained

Hi all,
been a while. Anyway last Monday my abcess had closed up and was no longer draining so I rang my doctor (who was away) and was advised by his pa that if I couldn't tolerate it to go into ER. And u did just that. I had minor surgery where they just cut the abcess and drained it, everyday for a week I've had a nurse come to pack it with gourse and every nurse has said there is no sign of a fistula (which is my biggest fear) and no track. They tell me that if it was they could put a small cotton bud actully inside it but it's only bout a millimeter deep
A small amount of yellow pus is still coming out of the opening and it's been 1week and a half since surgery.
A few questions, would a colonoscopy show of it was a fistula? Which I had 3 weeks ago.
I am have salt baths 3 times a day and after bowel movements. It's not red or sore anymore and I'm just wondering what everyone thinks and what else I can do.
Oh and another thing I've had a constant stich like pain on my right lower abdomen side, it's not bad but gets worse at night. Thought it could be my appendix but I don't think so. Anyone had this? I did some research and found the side pain could be linked to my abcess.
Does it still sound like I've avoided a fistula or is it poss that I do have one that the nurses can't see.
Again any tips or advice are greatly appriciated.
Thanks Sonia
I'm not that experienced in this area, however my fistula only showed up on an MRI not a colonoscopy or a CT, however, mine is attached to the ileum, so different area entirely!
Looks like you are doing all the sensible stuff already.

I think it depends on where a fistula's internal opening is as to whether the doc has half a chance of spotting it. My surgeon could only find mine by poking a flexi probe through it and seeing where it came out internally... I was under GA!
No, a fistula will not show up on a colonoscopy, you need an MRI to do that. (At least that's my understanding according to both pediatric GI and MRI tech).
You're keeping it really clean which is most important, and hopefully you caught it before it develops a fistula (sounds like you have).
Right lower ab is Terminal Illeum area, most common place to have Crohn's.
Good luck with the abscess, hope it clears up quickly for you.