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Anal Discharge/Drainage


For almost 2 years now I have had some anal discharge. I waited almost a year the first time before seeing the surgeon who performed my anal fistula repair. I do not have insurance so seeing a doctor is very expensive. When I saw the surgeon, she prescribed two very strong antibiotics. It nearly cleared up the discharge but it came back soon after I finished the meds.

I visited my family doctor and she gave me another round of the same meds. Again, it went away and is now back. Since it's approx. $250 down to see a doctor, I haven't been back. Nor do I have a GI doctor due to no insurance.

The discharge is uncomfortable but does not have a foul odor. (Thank goodness!!!) Has anyone had this symptom? I am unsure of what to do about this. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you! :hug:
Hi SparkleAlexia. I am sorry you are having problems. I don't have experience with anal fistulas, but want to send you support. You may want to visit and post in the surgery forum, they may have some answers for you. Is there any way you can find a low income clinic or apply for medicaid? I really hope you can find some medical help. Best wishes.
I've had discharge for years. It tends to be mucus, sticky cloudy and sometimes bloody. Currently still waiting to see a specialist about my guts so cant offer too much help. Just replying to say your not alone. On a daily basis i have to frequent the toilet to rid myself of this discharge otherwise it becomes irritable. Quite often it happens at the most unfortunate times. Meaning you have to sneak off. ��

Anyway while i cant offer any advice i can say your not alone.
Sorry Sparkle. :( If it is a fiatula it may need something strong g and long term like Remicade or Humira or surgery to fix it.
I suffer from mucus/discharge as well i have noticed diet plays a big part in controlling the mucus or discharge also google some natural remedies for your symptoms maybe cheaper and more effective