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Anal pain & Crawling sensation but no worms - new symptom?

Hi everyone,

I have 'mild' crohns which has been in a semi remission for the past six months. About two months ago however I started getting an uncomfortable crawling sensation in my anus along with rectal pain and occasional boughs of D. Thinking it was worms I took the worm treatment, washed all of the linen etc then took another lot of worming tablets two weeks later... To no avail. I am still having this very uncomfortable feeling down there on-and-off...

To top it off, the frequency of D is increasing, I am nauseas again and having burning cramps in the middle, lower left and lower right belly, joint pains, exhaustion etc. so I guess it looks like I am heading for another flare...

I can't get in to see my GI until the end of April so I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this uncomfortable crawling sensation and rectal pain (sometimes quite sharp other times a strong but dull ache) with their flares... I am starting to think it may have been the first warning sign for the flare that is about to kick my butt... Literally...

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated xxx


With UC flares, I had the worm crawly feeling you are describing, usually only at the beginning of a flare...and rectal pain, most certainly. Definitely sounds like you are starting a flare.
Thanks for your reply 2thfairy... I was thinking it may be flare related but as it was a totally new symptom I wasn't sure... it seems like there are a lot of symptoms that UC & crohn's have in common... This one is particularly irritating lol

Did you find anything (creams excersizes techniques) that relieved the crawling sensations? The pain I can deal with, I am well and truly used to that, but this crawling is making me nuts!

Kind regards
Oh, it is maddening!!!! Maximum strength Preparation H helped me some since it has a numbing agent in it. You might try that. Calmoseptine is great if you have butt burn from diarrhea, but it may also be helpful for this since it has menthol in it.

As for the rectal pain, suppositories are about the only thing that will help for that. Sometimes just having something in there will make spasms stop. Outside of using those, warm baths and/or sitting on a heating pad. For some people, stretching (like bending over kind of stretch or leg lunges) can help with rectal spasms, though I never did get any relief with that.

Best wishes! It's no fun, that's for sure.
Maddening is the right word for it thats for sure!!! I will definitely give all of the above a go as I would try almost ANYTHING at this stage to get rid of it!! Thanks again for your help!!

Canasa suppositories will help. I think the worm feeling is your skin retracting. I felt this at a young age, often when doing strenuous work and lifting. Looking back it was probably the beginning of my hemorrhoids.
Thanks M30! Will give them a go also!

I was concerned that it might be hemmies... But i cant see or feel anything down there... I'm booked in with the GI for late April so I guess I will find out then!

Thanks again

Kind regards
BTW M30, do you mind me asking if you have crohns or UC??
Np, I have Crohn's. after 8 years of rectal bleeding, went to a rectal doc and he suspected Crohn's at first glance. This was 3 years ago. The suppositories work great but are only a surface fix. Get frequent colonoscopies to make sure the ileum is in check!
Thanks M30, I'm sorry to hear that it took so long for you to get DX... I will def be asking for another colonoscopy at my next appointment as I am pretty sure things have gotten slightly worse in there!

Thanks again!

Hem's can be internal and external.. There are also fissures and anal tags. All of which I've had at some point. Canasa really normalized the rectum.. Take it as needed now... Every few months.