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Anal sex & crohns

I'd really to hear some other opinions on this subject. I've been avoiding asking it for a few years and haven't found a place to really ask it.

I feel like i'm doing everything I can to maintain remission, besides the lower part of me sometimes needing extra attention. I'm gay, and i enjoy being pleasured as much as the next person, so does anyone have any advice as to go about this?

Has anyone's doctors recommended forgoing anal sex if there is crowns?
Are specific lubricants recommended to reduce irritation?



It's unfortunate that you don't feel comfortable discussing this with your doctor but I completely understand because I'm the same way! That being said, most doctors wouldn't blink an eye, they don't care about your sex life and would just provide you honest feedback. Woyld you be able to see an LGBT friendly Doctor or visit an LGBT health clinic to consult?

If you are in remission, the area is not affected or had previous problems than I'd say it should be fine. I have had surgery on my bottom so I'm less clear how safe it would be for me given the scar tissue but even so I think if completely healed and with a slow and understanding partner it should be fine.

There was a user who posted about less irritating lubricants I'll have to try to find it.
I think it would depend on how active your disease is and in what area. For example, if your disease affects the rectum and causes constant diarrhea and hemroids, that might make things really difficult for anal sex. But if you disease is in the small intestine and your D is under control, it might be easier. I know for me, sex of any kind is not enjoyable if I'm having a flare, cramping etc. But if things are calmed down with my Crohns, it's much better.
Also, try coconut oil as a lubricant. But know that coconut oil will break down the latex in condoms, if that is a concern


I don't know about a specific lubricant that reduces irritation but some lubricants damage cells in the vagina and rectum and while that means increased risk for everyone it also could mean increased risk of IBD problems. I guess go with the safest condom safe lubricant possible, probably simple KY jelly like the doctors use.

Study raises questions on safety of personal lubricants: